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Be FUD-Free in web3

We’re building the #1 web3-native personal development brand to help you stress less and feel happier every day.

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Feel calmer

Feel calmer

Learn how to end anxiety through animated cartoons, built with decades of experience, to make calm crypto the new normal.

Make better decisions

Make better decisions

Let go of FOMO and develop a more balanced mindset. Apply what you learn in all-new interactive games featuring web3‘s best brands.

Be happy

Be happy

Go deeper with private group discussions and grow alongside your peers. Reclaim your happiness and have a good day every day, together.

Personal growth can be hard

Personal Growth
can be hard.

Timeless wisdom, trapped in dusty books.

An entire generation of digital natives have yet to experience the peace, calm and resilience found in Stoic philosophy, and the benefits it brings to modern life.

What if it were to be unlocked?

Growth should
be fun.

Cartoons are fun. Games are fun.

And when we’re having fun, learning gets to come along for the ride. Everything we learned when we were little, we learned through play.

What if we could learn how to be happier, calmer, and more resilient – by having fun?

That’s what the Mortiverse is for.

Growth should be fun

The time has come.

Personal development hasn’t changed much in years. With the advent of new technology shifts, comes the opportunity to create the next era of growth.

efore the web…

Before the web…

…we had books. Wonderful tomes of wisdom to learn from when we knew about them, had access to them, and read with a commitment to growth.

In the early web…

In the early web…

…we put those books online. Static, read-only, but more accessible than ever before. This was a revolution in information access and personal growth.

In Web 2.0…

In Web 2.0…

…wrapped those teachings in apps. The same content, but 'gamified' to make it more interesting for those among us who may not have been drawn to the books.

What about web3?

What about web3?

Now we have community. We have the ability to be an owner, not just a consumer. We have the opportunity to contribute in ways unheard of before. The Mortiverse is taking personal development to the next level with cartoons and games featuring your favourite web3 brands, and a platform powered by the community.

Watch cartoons

Animation is a fun way to explore a new world. Experience the Mortiverse and its colourful characters as you learn about Stoic philosophy through high-quality cartoons.

Explore Mort's Mansion

This huge house hides plenty of secrets inside its walls, and provides an interactive online space for dozens of themed mini-games. Mort's Mansion will be accessible to NFT holders, with new game and story content unlocked in-line with the cartoons.

Be part of a real community

Web3 gives us so many opportunities to work together to create new personal development experiences. Using our gameful methods, more people can connect and get involved, as we innovate together to create accessible tools to improve mental health and build resilience using Stoic wisdom.

So there are animated cartoons… there are interactive games… there are lots of personal development experiences being created… Why use NFTs and web3 to make this happen? Here’s why:

Without web3:

  • We would spend half of our time producing the cartoons and games, because…
  • The other half of our time would be spent on promotions and advertising!
  • Your purchase would be final, non-transferrable and unable to be gifted or resold.
  • There would be no web3 interactive learning platform. Boo!
  • There would be no web3 collaborations, airdrops, or other elements like them.

Thanks to web3:

  • We spend all of our time producing the content (so it’s twice as good!)
  • Your voice matters (by sharing on social, you’re raising the value of the project).
  • Your purchase is non-fungible, transferable and resaleable (so you can profit from your growth).
  • The interactive learning platform and deep web3 collaborations are all possible, making a whole new level of personal development possible that wasn’t before.

Thanks to the immutable nature of the blockchain and the ever-growing community of Mortis, your personal development journey benefits from a world of collectability and secondary markets so you can collect your favourite Morts, find rares, or buy and sell for a profit. The choice is yours!

And because NFTs are transferrable, you can even buy Morts as gifts for family and friends, making it easy to invest in those you care about too.

Value to the core

Value to the core

Each season will put utility first, with a focus on fuelling your personal development journey as well as being a great project to hold.

Year-round content

Year-round content

Each season will be designed for year-round content and engagement, so there will always be an opportunity for you to grow.

Community power

Community power

Between the daily challenges and season deep-dives, there’s always an opportunity to invest in yourself in the Mortiverse community.

Hold and grow

HODL and grow

Each season will be designed to provide a year of material, starting from the date of your purchase. The only way to unlock everything is to HODL!

Keep exploring

Learn about the first season of the Mortiverse project and how it will help you grow, or acquaint yourself with the vision behind the Mortiverse from the husband-and-wife team that made it all possible.

Mortiverse Season One

Mortiverse Season One

Explore the first season in the journey, the lesson you’ll learn, and some of the faces you’ll meet along the way.

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Founders' Story

Founders' Story

Learn about why Adam and Kezia started the Mortiverse in the first place, and where we’re all going…together, as a community.

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